Savara and Yvonne Endo
Image: Instagram

Yvonne Endo, the partner of Sauti Sol's Savara, has delighted many on Instagram and TikTok after being recorded speaking Swahili to praise her husband.

Endo, a Japanese native resident in the country, was seen in the video embracing her husband Savara as she introduced him, stating that people wanted her to speak.

Savara introduced her as "Mama Chimmy," saying, "Now others want my wife to speak, so here she is, Mama Chimmy," before asking her to say something. Endo then began, "Hello, this is my husband, I always serve him well-cooked ugali and chicken."

The two met at a concert in Nairobi a few years ago, and Endo said that the first time Savara introduced himself to her, he said he was a stripper working in clubs in the city.

"So, I met Savara at the African Nouveous concert; I had gone there with my sister. It was almost time for me to leave when he introduced himself... He mentioned that he was a stripper, and I said, 'Okay, that's very funny'... Then at the end of the night, he asked for my number," she said in a previous interview.

The couple, who recently made their relationship public, are believed to have started dating in 2018, but initially chose to keep it private.

However, in another interview, Savara revealed that he has no plans to give his partner a ring, saying that the ring holds no meaning because he has already committed to Endo in his heart.

"A ring is just a symbol of something. There are people with rings out there, and they are not happy. For me, what I have with Yvonne is bigger than the ring. Although it's a sign of commitment, I won't succumb to pressure. I have already placed the ring in my heart. I don't listen to haters because I solve my problems on my own. And I keep my circle very small," he said.

Savara's partner, Yvonne Endo, is a Japanese entrepreneur living in Kenya who grew up in Nairobi and runs a line of luxury clothing with her sister, Patti Endo.