Jay Melody
Image: Instagram

Melody said he has possibly done several heart-breaking things to women but has never experienced them himself.

The Tanzanian musician known for releasing many love songs, has revealed that he has never been hurt in his love life.

Melody hinted that he could possibly have done several heart-breaking things to women but he himself had never experienced them himself.


"I have never been hurt by love in my life, maybe I'm the one who hurts others," he said.

He gave an example of a woman who rejected many men but chose him, only to reject him later.

"The biggest thing I can't forget is rejecting a beautiful woman who was courted by 16 men but didn't want them, she chose me and I rejected her."


Melody confirmed that he is in a relationship. "I like a low-key life, I don't like posting my partner, if I do that it means I'm opening up many things, wealthy people will start attacking her, I don't like my life much on social media until I can't live it."