John Waweru, Kenyan man with the longest nails
Image: Courtesy

A Kenyan man identified as John Waweru is currently trending after he took to social media to showcase his mind-boggling extremely long fingernails.

John has garnered so much popularity that the Guinness World Records (GWR)through their Talent Researcher Charlie Anderson, are currently looking for him so as to have him participate in a global competition.

According to John Waweru, he is positive he holds the record for the longest nails in not only his homeland Kenya, but Africa as a whole. This is yet to be proved but that has not deterred his confidence.


Through Anderson GWR clarified that even though they were currently looking for Waweru this did not automatically translate to him being a record holder in that category as certain criteria have to be met before the award/title is given out.

"I would love to try and contact him to apply for the record. Hopefully he or anyone else with longer nails can earn themselves a place in the next edition of the book," Anderson said, as reported by NTV Kenya.

In one of their previous articles, GWR opined that the longest nails category is one of their most intriguing record categories.

They added that people are usually fascinated with what compels humans to keep such insanely long nails.


With the most common question being how such individuals live daily and manage chores with their long nails.

Currently, Lee Redmond, holds the record for the longest fingernails on a pair of hands ever (female).

Lee revealed she started growing her nails simply as a challenge to herself, as she wanted to see how long she could go without cutting them.

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