Elite high school

In today's morning show, Kwambox discussed a viral video showcasing a Ugandan prom, expressing her views on the differences in educational experiences between schools.

(Prom is a formal dance typically held at the end of an academic year, especially for students in their final year of school or college)

"You go to school and you think you are all equal. No, education is not the same. Honestly, there are some people whose schools are just different, right?" Kwambox remarked.

"We used to hear about prom; when I was in school, we used to see prom on TV, but then there are schools that, you know, they’ve got prom."

During the show, Kwambox expressed a desire for her mother to take her to prom.

The Ugandan prom featured extravagant elements, including students being dropped off by helicopters and an overall atmosphere of luxury and exclusivity.

The event, held at Elite High School in Entebbe, garnered attention for its flashy red carpet entrances and expensive attire.

While some praised the glamour of the prom, others criticized it as excessive for students of their age.

Many social media users expressed concerns that such lavish events could demoralize students from schools unable to host their own proms.

The issue was even debated in the Ugandan parliament, raising questions about the appropriateness of students arriving at prom via helicopters and expensive cars.