Willy Paul

The artist who continues to rise with his new album Beyond Gifted, Willy Paul, for the first time spoke about how he was made to feel unwelcome in the gospel industry, leading him to the decision to leave.

Speaking on a radio station in the country, Pozee said that many things were happening to him but he did not want to speak about them at the time, except for making the decision to change his direction and move towards secular music.

"Many things happened, you know, sometimes you feel like if you don't leave where you are, you'll be killed. In such situations, you have to remove yourself from those environments. Many things were happening when I was in gospel. I don't want to point fingers, but they know," Pozee said.


The 'Kitanzi' hitmaker revealed reports of much tension, saying that if he hadn't made the decision to leave the gospel, he might have ended up committing suicide or even becoming insane.

He says he has no regrets whatsoever about leaving the gospel and embracing secular music.

"The people I was with know what they did to me, but I didn't want to talk about it. However, I had to move forward, and I never regret my decisions, so I don't regret where I am today. If I hadn't made that decision, you might have heard that someone committed suicide or went insane. I don't know, those environments were very depressing," he added.