Pep Guardiola
Image: Commons Wikimedia

Pep Guardiola suggests that if Premier League success was solely determined by spending, clubs like Manchester United and Chelsea would be challenging Manchester City and Arsenal for the title.

Guardiola dismisses the notion that City's dominance is becoming mundane, emphasising that their success is challenging rather than boring.

He argues that if money were the sole factor, other big-spending clubs would be at the top.

Despite City's overwhelming favoritism to win a historic fourth successive league title and possibly achieve a domestic double, Guardiola points out that their journey has been anything but predictable.

He highlights the financial investments made by other clubs over the past five years and questions why they haven't achieved similar success.

Reflecting on City's journey, Guardiola acknowledges the club's comparatively modest net spend, attributing it to their ability to sell players for significant sums.

He stresses the collective effort of the team, even players who aren't automatic first choices, in achieving their remarkable feat of potentially winning four consecutive league titles.

Guardiola admits that winning four titles in a row wasn't initially on City's radar at the start of the season.

However, as they approached the milestone, the significance of the achievement began to sink in.

He points out that no other team in English football history has accomplished this feat, underscoring the magnitude of City's potential achievement.