How the 23rd Chinese proficiency competition went down at UON

On 12th May 2024, the University of Nairobi held the 23rd Chinese proficiency competition for foreign College students Kenya division.

The event covered Q&A sessions, speeches, and talent shows. Twenty finalists from various colleges attended the finals.

According to the vice-chancellor of the University of Nairobi, Stephen Kiama the Chinese language proficiency contest has gained traction globally, citing its role in fostering cultural and educational exchanges among civilizations.

“On the theme of “One World, One Family,” the Chinese Bridge competition also served as a platform for driving passion for upgrading fluency in Mandarin among local youth,” Kiama said.

Zhang Zhizhong minister counselor at the Chinese Embassy in Kenya, said that Kenyan youth studying the Chinese language should leverage that opportunity to understand the essence of China’s “Harmony Culture” and explore Chinese civilization.

The contest showcased the local youth’s proficiency in Mandarin as well as their grasp of Chinese culture including Taiji and Wushu.

Laurence Kamau, a 20-year-old Chinese language major at the University of Nairobi, was declared the overall winner of the Kenyan finals of the Chinese Bridge competition and he will later represent the country at the global contest in China.

This event has brought a lot of opportunities that Kenyan students need to unlock and make their futures brighter. Through perfection in the Chinese language one might also win a scholarship to further their studies in China and be employed there.

The competition has also nurtured and tapped into many talents year in and year out encouraging contestants who fail to keep on trying since there are so many competitions in the years to come and they still have a chance to showcase what they are best in.