Kwambox Kwambox

On today's morning Kiss, Kwambox touched on the trending topic of the Kenyan man whose execution was stopped by the Saudi Arabian government.

In her dialogue, the radio host praised mothers for being gems who ought to be treasured at all cost. 

Her reason for saying that is the way the Kenyan man's mother has fought for him to be saved.

“Whatever you are going through in life either good or bad our mothers will always be there for us regardless of your age. Mothers are treasures,” Kwambox said.


Steven Munyakho is an inmate who has spent 13 years in different Saudi Arabia prisons due to killing his workmate during an argument that they had.

He was to be executed on Wednesday, May 15th though it was postponed.


As a result of intervention by the Kenyan government, Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Korir Sing’oei said Saudi authorities agreed to put off Munyakho’s pending for further negotiations.


The Ps said he will be engaging stakeholders in Nairobi and Riyadh including religious leaders to chart the way forward concerning the issue.

The government is really trying all ways possible to settle the issue amicably without execution being done.


“As we devise strategies to bring this matter to a more acceptable conclusion, thereby giving both families the closure they so urgently need and deserve, we shall continue to lean on the warm and solid friendship that we have with our Saudi partners, as well as on the goodwill of all Kenyans.” The PS said.

“I wish to extend gratitude to our teams both the Ministry Headquarters and our Mission in Riyadh- for their tireless efforts.”