Florence Roberts fans

The late Florence Roberts celebration vigil was held on Thursday 16th May in honour of her life. 

The late Florence Roberts, a beloved Luo gospel singer died on May 1st at Migori hospital after falling sick.

The sudden news caught her fans and the public in shock, fans from all walks of life took to social media to eulogize the late gospel singer.

During the night vigil in respect of her memory family and friends sang, preached, prayed, and played a playlist of the late singer’s songs.

A lot of fans turned up for the night vigil in respect of the singer’s memory and to offer their last goodbyes as she will be soon laid to rest.

Through a video from Facebook by Wuod Fibi the fans to the late singer thronged the stadium at Migori.



Musicians fired up the stage in praise of God as they gave words of comfort to the fans. The mood was so electrifying and it wouldn’t be a Florence Roberts event if her songs weren’t played.

The invited preacher of the day preached about Jesus carrying the cross whereby he said “There is a place you get to and friends run away and you remain with your burden. That is where Jesus comes in and when he speaks things change.”

The pastor also engaged in prayer for the needs of the late singer’s fans who needed divine intervention.

Kenyans all over the socials sent their heartfelt condolences to the family, friends, and fans of the late gospel singer.

“It’s well mummy. Rest easy woman of God Florence Roberts….My condolences to the family. Your reward is above,” A fan said.

 According to Bishop Joshua Amara they are expecting over 5000 people to attend the burial today.