President Ruto, Tinsley and Tinsley's mother


Tinsley Nduta a four-year-old kid who went viral for crying over schools reopening has met President Ruto.

The young girl went viral on social media shortly after President Ruto announced that schools would reopen on May 13th.

Tinsley’s mother shared a video of her daughter crying as she lamented about the President’s decision and she trended for the better part of last week.

A couple of days after the video went viral President Ruto talked to the girl, after he contacted her mum.

 The president introduced himself and asked Tinsley how she was doing before asking if she knew she was going to school the following day.


“I was not prepared,” Nduta said. After being asked by the president why she cried after he announced schools were reopening.

After Tinsley’s visit at State House the President shared photos  captioning

“Hosted four-year-old Tinsley Nduta, a pupil at Lizzie Wanyoike Preparatory School who became a social media sensation after expressing her reluctance about school reopening.

She had a change of heart following a persuasive phone conversation I had with her last week. Accompanied by her mother Agnes Wairimu, father George Ngugi and sister Maureen Wambeti to State House, Nairobi, I emphasized the critical role of education in shaping young minds and preparing them for productive roles in the society.”

Tinsley’s mother also shared photos of her daughter being carried by President Ruto. “Finally baby Tinsley meets the president,” She captioned.