Image: Dids

Female teachers at Kathiani Mutio School in Ukambani cried after the headmaster was transferred to another school.

A video went viral showing the teachers crying as they bid farewell to the headmaster.

Some of them were heard wailing as the headmaster hugged them, marking the end of his tenure at the school.

The headmaster had built a special bond with the teachers, having worked at the school for decades.

The video has raised concerns from netizens, who wondered where the students were at that moment, as they are expected to join their teachers in bidding their headmaster goodbye as he heads to his new school.

“Where are the students? I expect students to wail the loudest for losing a good teacher,” one netizen said.

“The headmaster is too handsome, but honestly, it seems he treated them very kindly,” another netizen commented.

Teachers wished him well as he embarked on a new chapter in his profession at the new school.

They said the other school was lucky to have him. Netizens described the headmaster as someone who served with top-notch humanity and equality, earning the love of the teachers to the extent that they cried like toddlers when the news was broken to them.

Teachers from various social media platforms also shared their views, saying that having healthy relationships in workplaces builds stronger bonds among co-workers, making it very painful when it’s time to go separate ways.

Watch the video below;