Forward Travellers Sacco banned from operating in Nairobi

NTSA has banned matatu operations in Nairobi under Forward Travellers Sacco over a fatal accident. 

This decision has deprived numerous individuals of their livelihood and left countless commuters stranded owing to the absence of transportation.

The action is based on the fatal accident that occurred on Sunday, May 11th along Jogoo Road which left three people dead and others seriously injured. 

The incident occurred as the vehicle was travelling from Kayole to Nairobi CBD.

On discussing the way forward the Sacco officials convened a closed-door meeting to strategize on the next step after being banned from operating.

A lot of commuters have been left stranded after the Sacco’s operations have been halted since they used to rely on it due to its affordability compared to other Saccos.

“This is where we earn a living from, if forward has done anything wrong then the government should kindly intervene and help us,” one of the employees said.

Commuters who were used to the services of the Sacco are now frustrated as they are forced to pay more as compared to how they are used to.

Some were heard saying they are now forced to walk for a certain distance so that they can cut the cost of transport while headed to work.

“You will find matatus charging Ksh 120-Ksh 150 because they are few and want to make profits. Some people will be forced to walk due to the hiked prices,” a commuter said.

Some of the commuters pleaded with other Saccos to at least cut the transport cost to accommodate those who can't afford to pay a double price as fare.