Millicent Omanga

Former nominated Senator Millicent Omanga has celebrated her 39th birthday with words of resilience and hope as she looks forward to unlocking other beautiful chapters.

Omanga who went on Twitter to pour her heart out, said it’s been a year full of joblessness and a global pandemic.

“Today is my birthday. I celebrate my birthday today at a time our country is faced with myriad of challenges; a ravaging global pandemic, joblessness among the youth, spiraling cost of living and contestation over BBI bill which is now before the courts,” Omanga said.

She said that she remains hopeful that Kenya will overcome all the challenges because of resilience.

“Nonetheless, I feel so much blessed to turning another leaf in my life today. It’s been a long and treacherous journey full of ups and downs but one that’s worth the sacrifice,” Millicent said.

I’m eternally grateful for the successes and take the challenges with stride.”

Omanga said she would have not made the stride in her life without the help of God’s grace.

“It wouldn’t have been possible to have scaled this far without an amalgamation of God’s grace, the unwavering support of my dear husband, my family and friends,” Omanga said.

“To this far I look at my past with great pride and future with hope.”

Omanga was born on 30th May 1982, in Kisii County. She is the firstborn in a large family of seven daughters. Her family was considerably wealthy living in a five-bedroom house seated on a two-acre piece of land.

In an interview with MC Jessy, Omanga disclosed that she ventured into entrepreneurship when still in Campus where she got her first million within a year.

“By 20 I bought a new car and I was still in the university. I would use a portion of my school fees to buy a few things in Eastleigh that I would later sell at a profit. By exam time I had made profits and I would use that to clear my fees,” Omanga said.

Millicent claimed she sold everything just to make money, including bedsheets.

“ I am one of the biggest bedsheet suppliers in the country,” she said