Dr. Kibe

Gynaecologist Dr Kibe has addressed the advantages of pubic hair after a woman on social media revealed that her boyfriend has threatened to dump her if she keeps shaving her pubic hair.

According to her, the boyfriend likes it bushy which she finds unhygienic and disgusting.

“My boyfriend of three months wants to dump me because I shave my pubic hair. He says he likes it busy and I don’t feel comfortable with that. Is shaving pubic hair bad?”

In an interview the popular Kenyan Gynaecologist Dr. Kibe advised against shaving pubic hair, noting down some advantages of pubic hair and the dangers of shaving.

Dr. Kibe advised against shaving pubic hair, noting that some of the shaving creams are proteolytic, meaning they dissolve proteins provoking infections.

“Do not encourage shaving pubic hair. Public hair should be kept as clean as possible, especially post-coitus. If one has a problem like an infection and must shave the hair, they can shave using a pair of scissors, not razors,” Dr. Kibe said.

“Do not apply shaving creams, foams or soaps because they will go in and spoil the PH. The creams are made u of many chemicals and some of them can case an anaphylactic reaction. Once the PH is lost, there will be an infection and it will be chronic acid and will bother the person,”

Dr. Kibe went on to say that after sexual intercourse, one should clean the pubic hair with warm water and dry it with a piece of cotton cloth.

Dr. Kibe stated some of the reasons why one should not shave pubic hair, which are:

When you shave, you expose the hair pores to bacteria and fungi

The hair allows friction during sexual intercourse. A man and woman glide onto one another.

Some people react to shaving creams or the abrasion caused by shavers which end up causing skin rash.

At the bottom of pubic hairs, there are many nerve endings which increase pleasure during intercourse. So if you mistakenly tamper with them it might mess up your sexual life