Mulamwa and Senjee Udaku

Kenyan comedian Mulamwa has threatened to take action against Gulf blogger ‘Senjee Udaku” who has allegedly been insulting his lover Ruth K.

This is after a series of videos “Senjee Udaku” posted.

Mulamwa has vowed to get Senjee fired from her work if she continues to insult his family.

Mulamwah came to the rescue of the mother of his child when Senjee started insulting her.

In one video, the lady claimed that Mulamwah was stingy and in another, she wondered where Ruth K was alluding that she was suffering in silence.

In one post, he shared a screenshot from the woman’s Tiktok account, wondering who she was.

“Who is this woman? Hutashinda umetusi watu hapa online on Tiktok tukuwache time to learn your lesson,” Mulamwah said.

In a post he deleted, a fan urged him to let the issue rest since the woman had travelled abroad to provide for her family.

Mulamwa responded and said, “We are speaking with the agency atapoteza ata hio kazi tukiamua kuwa petty.”

Senjee reacted to Mulamwa through her Tiktok page where she said “Weeh wadau mumeskia Mulamwa anataka kunipeleka Langata Womens prison weeh si hii syllabus inaenda mbio. Mimi natoanga tu content, mimi na nyamaza , comment section ndo inakuanga na maneno,” Senjee said.

“Mulamwah sasa unataka kunipeleka Langata Womens prison…hii ni haram.’

Netizens reacted to Senjee’s response differently, some saying that she should learn to keep her nose out of people’s business or else she would land herself in big trouble.

“Don’t joke too much with everyone draw the line sometimes,” a netizen said.

“For once I have seen tension in Senje’s eyes even in her voice….wacha komba msamaha indirect, go apologize to Mulamwah directly.