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In a recent incident, Samidoh stood up to a bully who accused him of flaunting Karen Nyamu's car.

The photo showed the 'Ndire Mutwe Mwega' singer posing while inside his car, accompanied by the caption:

"Back in high school, nothing used to confuse me like 'what is the mood of the poem.' One day, I wrote, 'The poem has a somber mood.'"


A fan named Peter Njoroge pointed out, "Hey Samidoh, this car belongs to your Senator wife, this is our fuel you are using, bro."

To which Samidoh responded, "And it's bothering you because the only thing your wife owns is a panty liner."

In December 2023, Samidoh faced allegations that he is funded by his Senator lover and baby mama, Karen Nyamu.


One fan tried to embarrass the artist by saying, "And others here are saying you've been used."

Samidoh responded, stating he is no longer 'used,' and encouraged the fan to find someone else to occupy that 'vacancy.'

"I'm out now, go find someone else to occupy."

Samidoh's screenshot
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Samidoh and Nyamu have been together for years, having met in 2019. They share two children.