Saulos Chilima
Image: Commons Wikimedia

This past week, the people of Malawi experienced a terrible loss after their vice president Saulos Chilima lost his life in a terrible plane crash.

The 51-year-old Chilima and nine other people were confirmed dead on Monday 10th June 2024, after the plane they were in went missing after it crashed in bad weather in a mountainous region in the north of the country.

But Malawi isn't the only country that has witnessed the loss of a leader in a plane/helicopter crash.

Some of the others are below:

Ebrahim Raisi

Image: Commons Wikimedia

Ebarahim Raisi who was Iran’s President was confirmed dead late last month after the helicopter he was in crashed in a mountainous terrain near the Azerbaijan border.


President Raisi also died alongside Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian as they were heading to an inauguration of the Qiz Qalasi and Khoda Afarin dam, a joint hydroelectric power project.

“With deep sorrow and regret, I have received the bitter news of the martyrdom of the people’s President, the competent and hard-working Hajj Sayyed Ebrahim Raisi and his esteemed entourage is dead,” Iran’s Supreme leader said.

Ebrahim Raisi died at the age of 63 years.

George Saitoti

George Saitoti
Image: Commons Wikimedia

The former Internal Security Minister George Saitoti died on Sunday 10th June 2012 at around 9:00 am when a Eurocopter AS350 helicopter carrying him crashed.

The plane belonging to the Kenya Police Air Wing registration 5Y-CDT, carrying him and his assistant Joshua Orwa Ojode crashed in Kibiku area of Ngong forest killing them and four others.

He died at the age of 66 years.