Mungai Eve
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator Mungai Eve has expressed her intention to run for a political position in the future.

Speaking with Oga Obinna on his YouTube channel, Eve shared her plans for the future.


During the interview, she explained that she has always been a leader wherever she goes, and the idea of becoming a politician is not far-fetched but a possibility for the future.


Eve also expressed her confidence in her leadership abilities.

"Maybe in the future. I believe I am a leader. I have always been a leader wherever I am. I love it. If God shows me that direction, why not?" Mungai responded.


Mungai Eve will join Kabugi, KRG the Don, among other celebrities who plan to run for office in the future. Recently, KRG boldly announced that he is ready to take on such a significant challenge.


This is not the first time celebrities have shared their political aspirations on social media platforms.

Mungai Eve's interest in joining politics will undoubtedly be a significant step for her.