Rising rapper Channing Nicole Larry famously known as Enchanting who was recently reported dead is still alive as claimed by her sister Kayy Jayy on her Facebook page.

Kayy made this revelation after many publications had already reported that Enchanting was dead after being taken off the life machine due to the effects of an overdose. 

Kayy has released another statement on Facebook claiming that Enchanting is still alive and fighting for her life.


Jayy also wrote that she is currently with her sister at the hospital.

According to Kayy Jayy, a lot of publications misquoted her after she uploaded that enchanting was on a life-support machine which was presumed by a lot of people that she was dead which is not true according to her.

But who is Enchanting?



Enchanting began pursuing a music career around the age of 18.

After graduating high school she made and released her first mixtape called “Love & Drugs” which was well received by her associates and was encouraged to keep making more.

At a point in her career, she was signed to Gucci Mane’s 1017 Records Label in 2020 when she was just 22 years. 

Her music has gained over half a million listeners on Spotify and she has composed hits like Track& Field and No Luv.

She got her break when she signed a contract with 1017 Records after which she became a social media sensation.

Her music video for Track & Field amassed over four million on YouTube, which is a big win for her as she continues to grow in the music industry since it shows that her music is widely consumed.