Njambi Koikai's father eulogising her
Image: Courtesy

Media personality Mary Njambi Koikai's father, Daniel Koikai, has publicly apologized for not being fully present in her life.

In a heartfelt tribute, Mr. Koikai expressed deep regret and sought forgiveness from his late daughter.

"Dear Njambi, my daughter, the time has come for me to atone for my acts of omission or commission on your final journey from this world.


It has been one of the most difficult episodes in my life, especially for your close family members - your mother, sister, aunts, uncles, colleagues in the media, and friends in and out of the country," Daniel Koikai said.

He acknowledged his shortcomings as a parent, openly asking for forgiveness.

"I will remember you in many ways and I ask here in public where I may not have fulfilled my duties as your Dad, please forgive me. Forgive me, and forgive me. I pray that your soul will rest in Eternal Peace. Till we meet again, bye-bye."


In a separate eulogy, Mr. Koikai shared the special final moments he had with Njambi, reflecting on their relationship's ups and downs.

He noted that they only met when Njambi was in high school, as he had been working abroad during her childhood. Despite the challenges, he cherished their time together.