Peter Salasya
Image: Courtesy

Mumias East MP, Peter Salasya, has had to make a decision regarding the 2024 Finance Bill after receiving numerous calls from thousands of Kenyans.

Salasya mentioned that he received calls from around 5,000 Kenyans urging him not to support the bill.

These communications were part of a plan by Kenyans, where MPs' phone numbers were shared publicly, and citizens were asked to contact their representatives to demand they reject the finance bill.

Salasya informed Kenyans that his single vote doesn't hold weight and that they should stop calling him.

"From my position, even if I don't want to agree with the bill, Kenya Kwanza politicians will support it because they have a large number of MPs," Salasya said.

He further emphasized that those calls should be directed to elected MPs from the Kenya Kwanza faction.

"There are about 5,000 numbers calling me, and some of them are supporters and fans of Kenya Kwanza who voted for President William Ruto. Why bother me when I am a member of Azimio?" Salasya questioned.

Salasya also added that the bill was drafted by Kenya Kwanza members, and it's best for Kenyans to call Kenya Kwanza MPs.

"Call Ruto and ask him why he brought this bill to Kenyans!" he continued.

He concluded by saying, "People calling me should not bother me. Direct your opinions to Kenya Kwanza since they are the ones who will decide what happens."

Many Kenyans have come forward to oppose this bill, which aims to increase taxes, especially as they struggle with the high cost of living.