Billie Eilish reveals gaining fame at 14 terribly changed her

Billie confirmed fame came with a feeling of superiority which she soaked up

Singer Billie Eilish
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22-year-old American singer Billie Eilish is emotionally recounting losing all her friends after she gained global success.

Speaking during an appearance she made on the Miss Me? Podcast hosted by Lily Allen and Miquita Oliver, the singer who currently has 9 Grammy awards and 2 Oscars under her belt, revealed she used to think her employees were her friends until the realization that they were just people paid to be around her finally hit.

At just 14 years old Billie catapulted to global fame following the release of her song “Ocean Eyes,” which was written and produced by her brother Finneas.


“I lost all my friends when I got famous, like, literally all except one, my best friend Zoe, who I've been friends with since I was two. She’s pretty much the only person that remained, you know? I suddenly was famous, and I couldn’t relate to anybody and it was really hard," Billie stated.

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish
Image: Wikimedia Commons

She went on to admit it was partially her fault as fame came with a feeling of superiority and she soaked it up making her not try maintaining her friendships.

“I think I felt resentful… I was so young; everything I felt back then, I don’t think I would even stand by. Literally, the world was being handed to me on a silver platter, like: ‘Would you like this?’” Billie noted adding it took her 6 years to actually process and reevaluate her life decisions.


So all of my friends became my employees, which I felt was fine, and I was like: ‘What do you mean? I have friends, I have so many friends! Then it was my 20th birthday, and I remember looking around the room, it was only people that I employ, and I was like, hmm. And all 15 years and more older than me," the Grammy artist added.

Finishing up, she expressed one of her work friends quitting is what made her realize her employees didn't really care for her as she thought. 

“Then one of my best friends who worked with me quit out of the blue and didn’t talk to me. It was the worst thing that happened to me. That made me realize, 'Oh, wait, this is a job, these are really people that if they left me, they wouldn’t ever see me again. 

I kind of had this realization, like, Oh, I might actually be alone for real," Billie told the podcast hosts.

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