Spirits mislead people-Michelle Ntalami addresses her sexuality

The entrepreneur highlighted people make mistakes, weeks after announcing giving life to God

Michelle Ntalami

Michelle Ntalami is finally addressing the million dollar question surrounding her sexual orientation following her internet breaking announcement of salvation.

3 weeks ago the entrepreneur announced she had given her life to God after a one on one encounter she had with Him mid last year.

Through her socials, Michelle, who's widely known for her Marini Naturals brand shared photos of herself dressed in all white looking ethereal as she announced she'd turned to God in a moment of surrender and vulnerability, and in a powerful divine encounter, He appeared to her.


"I have been completely transformed! I fully gave my life to Jesus Christ! I have peace and love that I have never known before. I had a life-changing encounter with God Himself," she stated at the time.

Following this netizens camped on her socials with every one of them asking the same questions. Did she still fancy women? Was she still a member of the LGBTQ community? As a born again Christian what was her stand on same sex relationships? And so on and so forth.

Michelle maintained her silence up until yesterday evening when she had a sit down with media personality and fellow entrepreneur Betty Kyallo. 


During the interview, Michelle appeared to intimate that associating herself with the gay community was a mistake highlighting some people are misled by "bad spirits" that mislead them. 

"I will share the stand I have taken in the Lord’s name," started off the entrepreneur.

She went on to add;


"People make mistakes... Some people didn’t actually choose to be that way it’s all spiritual.

There are spirits that enter people that make them be like that, and that becomes their identity. That’s who they grow up thinking they are, but literally, that’s not who they are,"

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