This 21old Ben 10- Betty Kyallo's boyfriend mocks online trolls

Betty and her boyfriend have been facing backlash due to their 10 year age gap

Betty Kyallo hanging out with her boyfriend

Betty Kyallo's new boyfriend, Charlie is proving to be quite the unbowed character with a hearty sense of humour.

Charles turned a year older and well celebrating the milestone he took a jab at keyboard warriors who have been attacking him and his beau for their seemingly unconventional relationship.

See Betty is 10 years older than her partner. Besides that she is well established as an entrepreneur and a business mogul, which means she racks in big bags. And this doesn't sit well with some netizens.

While wishing himself a joyous birthday, Charlie clarified he was not aged 21 as reported by blogs online but actually 26. Well, he just turned.

Revealing his real age Charlie threw back a term that online users have been using in a bid to try and hurt him as a way of showing his sick was thick and words were just words.

"The ’21-year-old Ben 10’ is 26,” Betty Kyallo's boyfriend wrote on his Instagram page.

He went on to clap back at online trolls highlighting they were just angry and miserable because they were unloved thus unhappy.

“As a former sad person, I can proudly say I’m no longer associated with you unhappy people with nothing but hate. A person can’t get some love? I found happiness. So you all do the math and watch us do the numbers," Charlie wrote.

Wishing her man a happy birthday the former news anchor wrote, "Happy birthday baby. More laughs, more hugs, more babies, more us. This is it. I pray my man always wins. He's been winning but I want him to win a lot more.

On God Happy wife happy life. Type shii" 

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