This year is too much! J Blessing painfully laments

The producer shared some of the bad cards he'd been dealt during the last few months

J Blessing
Image: Instagram

Prolific video producer and cinematographer Mahmud Hussein popularly known as Jibril Blessing or simply just J Blessing, in a heart tugging post has revealed he recently lost his sister.

In a post shared on his Instagram page, the father of 5 opened up about the emotional turmoil he has been through over the last couple of months. Adding this year was off to a terribly rough start.

The music director noted how besides his sister, he has lost so many people around his circle which has made him see the importance of living life largely and with purpose as one never truly knows when their last day is.


"Wow, this year is too much! A few weeks ago, I lost two of my colleagues then a few days ago, we lost Njambi Koikai. Then I lost my own blood sister and today, again a friend," J Blessing wrote in part.

Finishing up, he highlighted he still does not know how to deal with grief, despite all the loss he has suffered. He also noted that they were yet to lay his late sister to rest.

"I really do not know how to react when someone leaves us. All I have to say is live your life as if it is your last day. 


I'm yet to bury my sister," the last of his post read.

Veteran actress Sandra Dacha has also shared her pain after all the recent funerals she has attended.

"For the past 1 month I've had back to back funerals either for a friend or a person close to my friend and it's totally not something to smile about. Today we head to Kisii for the burial of Nyaboke Moraa's brother who passed on last week," the events MC wrote in part. 

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