Mzee Ojwang

Veteran KBC actors, including Mzee Ojwang's on-screen wife, Mama Kayai, gathered to honour the late Mzee Ojwang' ahead of his ninth death anniversary at his grave.

The actors visited Mzee Ojwang's grave at Lang'ata Cemetery with emotional prayers led by Mogaka and Mama Kayai.

In an interview, Mama Kayai revealed plans to record the tribute, which will be aired on KBC as part of their acting.

The Vitimbi actors, led by Mama Kayai, visited Mzee Ojwang's grave at Lang'ata Cemetery to honor his anniversary.

A video shared by Mama Kayai showed Mogaka praying at the grave and Mama Kayai, the deceased's on-screen wife, getting emotional during the prayers.

In an interview, Mama Kayai disclosed that they are planning to commemorate Ojwang's death anniversary in a special way since they have never done so before.

"Mzee Ojwang's death anniversary is next month, and we have never celebrated his anniversary.

This time we are going to commemorate him. We went to his grave with colleagues, including Mogaka, Ole Matope, Mwende, Katunge, Jakababa, Kabu, and Chemasunde," Mama Kayai said.

"We are having our preparations recorded and shown on KBC."

At the moment, Mzee Ojwang's grave has missing rails, which were stolen by unknown people, leaving the grave with only one rail.

Mama Kayai confirmed that the grave currently has only one remaining piece of rail, while the others are nowhere to be seen.

Fellow actors who were at the cemetery for Makokha's wife's burial last week also confirmed this, saying the rails were stolen a while back and have not been replaced.

Mzee Ojwang worked as a technician at Mater Hospital for four years. Before that, he worked at White Rose Dry Cleaners in the industrial area.

He started acting in 1980 for Darubini on Voice of Kenya, now known as KBC. The program was discontinued in 1985 when Vitimbi started airing.