Donald Sutherland
Image: Commons Wikimedia

Canadian acting legend Donald Sutherland passed away at 88 after a long illness. His career spanned over five decades, with nearly 200 films to his credit.

Sutherland rose to prominence in the 1970s with roles in war films like "The Dirty Dozen" and "MAS*H." He displayed his versatility throughout his career, taking on diverse characters in movies like "The Hunger Games" and the cult classic "Animal House."

Fellow actors, directors, and even political figures showered him with praise. Tributes highlighted his charisma, intelligence, and dedication to his craft.

Sutherland's life wasn't confined to the silver screen. He was a vocal activist, famously protesting the Vietnam War alongside Jane Fonda.

This activism even influenced his acting choices, as seen in his portrayal of the tyrannical President Snow in "The Hunger Games." He believed films could spark social awareness, particularly among younger audiences.

Born in Canada, Sutherland started in radio before venturing to London to hone his acting skills.

His early career involved small roles in British productions. Despite never receiving a competitive Oscar nomination, his immense contribution was recognized with an honorary Academy Award in 2017.

Those who worked with him spoke fondly of Sutherland. Co-stars like Jane Fonda and Helen Mirren remembered him as a brilliant actor and a cherished friend. MAS*H co-star Elliott Gould even called him a "brother."

Sutherland's passion for acting remained strong until his passing. He commented on the significant increase in actors' salaries compared to his early days making a mere £8 a week.

He viewed acting as a passionate pursuit, stating that for actors, "retirement is spelt 'DEATH'." His upcoming memoir, "Made Up, But Still True," promises to offer a glimpse into his remarkable life.

Donald Sutherland leaves behind a legacy as a captivating actor and a dedicated activist. His diverse filmography and unwavering passion for his craft continue to inspire audiences and fellow actors alike.