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One beautiful woman, aged 33, claims that her strict conditions for men trying to woo her have led her to remain a virgin until now.

According to The New York Post, Danyele Noble from the state of Florida lists 12 criteria that a man must meet before deciding to have a relationship with her.

As a result, many men who fail to tick all 12 boxes have ended up excluding her, and at the age of 33, she has never had sexual intercourse but hopes her man is on the way.


Noble is very active on social media, where she shares her daily activities. Although she wants a relationship, she is very selective.

"I have high standards and I don't compromise," she said in an interview reported by the New York Post.

Noble admitted she has never been in a serious relationship. Her longest relationship lasted only three days. Despite this, she does not give up hope of finding the perfect partner.


"I used to feel ashamed to tell people about it. I wanted to just lie and say, 'No, I'm not a virgin,' but talking about it repeatedly made me realize there's no shame in it. Many people respect that."

Her requirements cover both personal qualities and the potential partner's appearance.

According to the magazine, Noble looks for a man who is; honest, kind-hearted, taller than her, athletic in build, loves traveling, enjoys outdoor life, has never been married before, is adventurous, humorous, calm, and respects her.