Diana B cites sickness as reason for missing finance bill protests

Diana bowed to social media pressure after being called out for failing to participate or vocalize her stance on the proposed Finance Bill 2024

Diana Marua

Digital content creator and uprising musician Diana Marua aka Diana B has bowed to social media pressure after being called out by netizens for failing to participate or at the very least vocalize her stance on the proposed Finance Bill 2024.

Taking to her socials, Diana posted a soapy apology and explanation video narrating why she has been missing from the Occupy Parliament and Reject Finance Bill protests both on the ground and on her socials.

Diana explained how she's been down bad with a terrible flu which had her bedridden. Ironically, she appeared almost naked in the video leading netizens to question why someone with a cold would be recording at night, for minutes on end without even a t-shirt at the very least.


"I have not been feeling well the last couple of days. I was coughing, which led to chest pains because of the severe cough. It came with headaches and hot flashes; I am feeling hot and cold. I have not left this bed since Tuesday," the reality TV show actress said in part as she rubbed her face and shrivelled.

The content creator asked people to keep her in their prayers for her speedy recovery as she emphasized she'd have loved to join her fellow citizens in the streets to protest the bill but couldn't. 

"When we come together, we can reverse the finance bill. Every hashtag counts. Every person on the streets counts. I am hoping I will feel better tomorrow, and see how things are going to be. Pray for me, guys; I am hoping I will be better. Let's continue staying on the streets and reject the finance bill,"  added the mother of 4.


Finishing up she promised she was not looking for sympathy just thought it was fair to update people on her well-being. She also vowed to join Kenyans on the streets come next week Tuesday, given that she'll be feeling better. 

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