I'm silent crazy! Zari warns Shakib about stepping out of their union

Zari vowed Shakib was going to be her last love and last husband

Shakib Cham and Zari Hassan
Image: Instagram

Ugandan socialite turned business mogul and reality TV actress Zari Hassan recently let her "crazy" and possessive side show as she publicly threatened to hire a hitman to take care of girls flirting with her man.

The mother of 4 aired this during a one on one discussion she had with her husband, Shakib Cham on their recently launched podcast. Things started out okay with her questioning if girls hit on him even though he's married.

No, they don't... When someone sends ‘hi,’ I don't see it as a vibe,” Shakib candidly responded. 

His wife however, was not having it. Zari revealed she's gone through her husband's phone and she noticed girls on Snapchat trying to flirt with him.

"Why are you gaslighting? I've taken your Snapchat and seen women hitting on you in DMs. You should admit they do but say you don't pay attention... These women do these things even when I’m there watching. You are lying when you say they don’t.” the business mogul dramatically added accusing Shakib of acting coy. 

Zari went on to emphasize that he has no plans of trying out this love thing again thus Shakib was her forever and after. She noted she'd go to extreme measures to ensure no one would take him away from her.

"You're stuck with me for the rest of your life. Tell whoever is vibing you that you have a wife, and she's crazy.

I'll hire someone to put a bullet through them. I'm silent crazy. You’re going to be my last love and my last husband... Imagine me looking so beautiful in a jail uniform. I’m crazy.” the mother of 4 firmly said.

Perhaps realizing she had overreacted, Zari informed her husband if he ever stepped out she'd use a more legal way citing a law in her country of residence that apparently allows a woman to have a second husband without having to divorce the first one.

“Or I could get another husband. There's a law in South Africa that allows one to have two husbands. If you find somebody else, I’m going to get a second husband. Not kill anyone," She calmly added.

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