KRG The Don

Dancehall artist, businessman, and aspiring content creator KRG the Don is currently facing backlash from Kenyan youth after declaring his unwavering support for the proposed 2024 Finance Bill.

Through his social media platforms, the occasional musician stated that he saw no issues with the bill, suggesting that Kenyan citizens should focus on working harder instead of constant complaints.

His remarks certainly offended many, especially as citizens took to the streets for three days of heated protests against the bill, urging MPs not to pass it.

In retaliation for what they perceived as disrespect and lack of empathy, netizens decided to target the father of three in the way they know best—through social media.

These attacks, however, were not limited to spamming comment sections with insults.

Multiple individuals reported his TikTok account, resulting in its ban. On Instagram, he lost over 100k followers.

Although KRG had recently surpassed the 1 million follower mark, his numbers have significantly declined since then, with more social media users promising to unfollow him.

KRG is not the only celebrity who has faced consequences for supporting the Finance Bill. Let's also take a look at others who have encountered the wrath of angry Kenyans.

Karen Nyamu

Karen, a nominated senator, was banned from WhatsApp due to an overwhelming number of messages and small payments she received from the public.

In an unusual form of protest, people sent her small amounts, such as 1 Kenyan Shilling, in response to her support of the controversial Finance Bill.

This flood of texts and payments expressing citizens' displeasure ultimately led to her ban from the messaging platform.

The senator voiced her frustration on social media, referring to those who messaged and sent money as "Tukware," indicating her annoyance.

This backlash followed a controversial comment where she bragged about using tampons instead of pads, further angering many Kenyans.

Although she managed to restore her WhatsApp account, Kenyans have vowed to report all her social media accounts until they are permanently banned, as she has shown no remorse for her actions.