Ruth K, Mulamwah, Maina Kageni and Crazy Kennar
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The king of radio Maina Kageni generously went out of his way and bought "smocha" for protestors during yesterday's demonstrations.

The snacks were placed in open boxes, each put on a white cover, while each distributor held their box full of smocha.

Maina urged protestors to ask for snacks from the distributors if they came across them on the streets.

Maina also declared his stand about the finance bill saying he is not in support of it at all.

"Smocha zimefika CBD, if you see these guys please have something to eat on me. Kenya is ours...#rejectfinancebill2024#RejectNotAmend," he said.

Fans were really happy about his generous act and really thanked him for that.

Mulamwah also adds to the list of celebrities who helped protestors with something to eat as they protested.


Comedian Mulamwah

Mulamwah also went out on the streets with mandazis and tea to fuel hungry anti-Finance Bill 2024 protesters.

The comedian prepared mandazis and tea, which he perfectly kept in a clean, transparent container and thermos. He displayed them in a social media post while announcing that he would join protesters in the Nairobi CBD.

He also posted pictures featuring him and his lover, Ruth K, as they rejected the finance bill.

"Mandazis are ready, energy kwa wingi. Tupatane CBD. usipofika unatuangusha sana . Let us fight as a unit," he wrote.

Most Kenyan celebrities have shown their full support as they reject the controversial finance bill.

Regardless of the finance bill being passed on the third reading Kenyans still have their fighting spirit high believing that their efforts won't go in vain.

Flaqo and Crazy Kenner

The two comedians joined forces and distributed water and snacks to protesters.

TikToker Mummie Francie

The TikToker was also providing snacks and water to protesters during the anti-finance bill protests.