Karen Nyamu calls out police officers for killing protesters with live bullets

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has condemned police officers who allegedly shot and killed protesters outside Parliament buildings.

Nyamu, who has been vocal about various issues affecting the country called upon the government to take action against officers who killed protestors yesterday.

"Why shoot to kill?? why fire live bullets at unarmed protesters? Explain! is parliament more important than the lives of our children? They just wanted to be heard," Karen wrote on her Instagram page.

"President William Samoei Ruto, it's time to take action against those unprofessional officers who killed protesters! They are tarnishing your administration in the worst manner! You're just raising revenue, we are not at war!!"

Nyamu emphasized that the misconduct and unprofessional behavior of some police officers have been detrimental to public trust and safety.

She urged for a thorough investigation into allegations of police misconduct and the implementation of strict measures to ensure accountability.

Nyamu highlighted the importance of restoring public confidence in the police force by addressing these issues transparently and effectively.

Her statements reflect a broader call for reforms within the security sector to enhance professionalism, integrity, and respect for human rights among law enforcement personnel.

Yesterday police were seen firing live bullets on protesters aimlessly and yet the protesters only had their voices and phones which they used to articulate their problems.

At the moment several people are feared dead as some nurse their wounds in hospitals all over the country.

Regardless of how things were bad yesterday people still vowed all over the socials that they will still protest until their voices are heard and action is taken against the finance bill.

Unfortunately, as President Ruto addressed the Nation yesterday he didn't regard the cry of protesters and said that those who are protesting are criminals and will be dealt with appropriately.