Nigerian singer Tigua

Nigerian singer Tigua has released his much-awaited EP, #THISISLAGOS.

With the support of Island Cure Records, Tigua has crafted a compelling collection of songs that showcase his talent and celebrate the rich musical culture of Antigua and Lagos.

This EP is a significant milestone in Tigua’s career, marking his evolution as an artist ready to make a global impact.

Among some of his collabos include 'Lagos' produced by Maazi.

This is the first track on the EP, it captures the essence and energy of Lagos.

EXPENSIVE SHIT also produced by Maazi features The Boy Myles.


UpTown Lover, showcases Tigua’s versatility and ability to blend different musical styles.

NIGGY BOUNCE is a three-step beat that elevates the entire EP, demonstrating Tigua’s willingness to experiment and innovate.

Other songs in the EP include YOU Featuring Lade, NO BEEF Featuring Pharoah da 47, JAIYE Featuring Rvenio, and DYNAMITE.

Tigua is an international artist whose passion for music has taken him on an extraordinary journey from his native Antigua to the bustling metropolis of Lagos, Nigeria.

His experiences and collaborations in Lagos have significantly shaped his sound and artistic direction, culminating in the creation of his EP, #THISISLAGOS.

Tigua is an uptown boy with an island STEEZ whose musical expedition led him to Lagos, where he immersed himself in the vibrant Nigerian music scene and culture there, he had the opportunity to work with some of the industry’s most talented producers and artists, resulting in a dynamic and eclectic body of work from the energetic beats of “ LAGOS” to the heartfelt melodies of “YOU” each track offers a unique listening experience.