Aluta continua! Betty Kyallo's message to Kenyans

Betty Kyallo

Media personality and business mogul Betty Kyallo has urged Kenyans to remember to prioritize their mental health and overall well-being during these trying times.

Taking to her socials, Betty acknowledged that the fight for government accountability and better standards of living must go on for the betterment of the nation. However, a war can't be worn if soldiers are battling fatigue and breakdown.

"Take care of you," started off TV show host as she addressed netizens after the hectic 2 weeks of protests and police brutality that have wrapped up the nation..


Betty went on to encourage people to find ways to distress and find their grounding in the midst of all the chaos.

"As much as there's a direction that we must have for our country, remember that you as an individual matter too. Your mental health matters," the mother of one added.

Finishing up, the media personality encouraged people to also take moments away from screens, hard as it might be, in a bid to cleanse their palates and rejuvenate. 


"There's just too much sadness rightfully. However.... Take a breather and take care of you.


Take a break off social media even for an hour or two at the least and breathe. Then aluta continua," the last of her social media post read. 

On 13th June 2024 the Treasury Cabinet Secretary Njuguna Ndung'u  announced a projected expenditure of KSh 3.992 trillion out of which KSh 2.84 trillion is recurrent for the 2024-2025 fiscal year.

Thus began a debate over the proposed Finance Bill which eventually saw citizens take to the streets in heated protests across different counties within the country.

With Parliament and City Hall in Nairobi getting occupied and vandalized after demonstrators overpowered anti-riot police.

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