How prayers helped guide Corazon Kwamboka into renewing law practice

Corazon Kwamboka
Image: Instagram

Social media influencer Corazon Kwamboka just renewed her law certificate and is more than ready to take on the streets!

The mother of two who is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya has never practiced her craft despite graduating a few years back. However, through prayers, she is more than certain that this is her time to shine.

Corazon, through her socials revealed the decision to fully start practicing came to her after she immersed herself in moments of self search and deep prayers. 

“After completing law school, I found myself at a crossroads, unsure of how to use my degree to truly make an impact. I felt like an outsider in a world where I thought I belonged. It took time and reflection, but in the past year, I turned to prayer for guidance.


“I asked for a sign to show me how I could best serve others with my skills, and finally, the answer came to me," Corazon, who also thrives as a fitness enthusiast and content creator wrote in part.

She went on to add that through prayers she was able to clearly see what was needed of her and which direction she ought to take in her career path. 

“My purpose became clear - to stand up for the most vulnerable in society, especially mothers who need a voice and a defender.


This newfound mission has reignited my spirit and purpose. Now, with my renewed practicing certificate, I am ready to embark on this journey of defending the defenseless people with all my heart," added the mother of 2.

Less than an year ago, Corazon had hinted at plans of actually starting to practice law, having graduated among the top students of her class and passed the bar exams at Kenya School of Law (KSL) in one sitting. 

"I always knew that my first love, ‘law,’ would call me back, and now it’s happening!

Stay tuned for the incredible things I’ll achieve as I make justice a reality. This is just the beginning, and I’m ready to show the world what I’m capable of!" The socialite wrote on her Instagram as she teased her comeback.

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