What's the use of talking again? Otile Brown questions the government

President Ruto had called upon youths to submit names of their leaders to facilitate talks between their faculties and his government

Kenyan singer Otile Brown

Multi-award winning singer Otile Brown has criticized President William Ruto for announcing his wish to hold talks with the Kenyan youth following the Reject Finance Bill and Occupy Parliament protests that raked up the country last week.

Otile shared a screen recording from Citizen TV of president Ruto calling upon youths from different groups such as NGO's, Civil Societies and University bodies to submit names of their leaders by 7th July to facilitate talks between their faculties and the head of state.

Captioning the post he maintained the ship for talks had long sailed pointing out actions had more value than words.

"The problem is that we like to waste time and a lot of resources on words, empty words bring losses, what is the use of talking again???" Started off the 'Dusuma' hitmaker. 

He went on to point out that holding talks was just a waste of time that the nation did not have the luxury of.

"We all got job to do, everyone should do their job and be responsible. We all know what to do. Let us learn how to manage the country and its resources well," Otile added. 

Finishing up he called upon accountability from the president and his administration. 

"Corruption has spoiled the lives of our citizens even investors are fleeing, jobs are decreasing! If you want to finish the debt of our country first let us start with that about one trillion that is lost every year.

Imagine if that money was allocated? It would have been paying the debt, you would not even need to increase taxes for more money collection!" The last of his Instagram post read. 

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