Zari Hassan clarifies why her car was clamped outside a bar

Zari Hassan
Image: Courtesy

Business mogul and reality TV star Zari Hassan has vehemently refuted claims that her Mercedes got clamped over a unpaid hefty club bill.

The mother of 4 through her socials asked her haters to rest and stop constantly trying to spread rumours about her and her lifestyle as Zari was no longer a clout chasing socialite as she had been eons ago.

"When you no longer have dirt on person you starting making up stories to satisfy and fill your empty souls," wrote the South African based  Ugandan media personality.

This is after her German machine was spotted clamped outside a night club and reports of her ditching a bill started making rounds online. 

Zari went on to explain that she was beyond successful thus things such as settling a bill were far from her list of worries. 

"Car had battery issues hence leaving it at the spot. My husband had to get a new battery to move it in the morning.... clamping was due to parking right in front of gate which restricted access...

Eyagwamu sente za business class azulawa every weekend. Your stories don't even add up," part of her post read.

Finishing up she reminded people that she had changed and was now global and they should keep that in mind when trying to discuss her.

"Yes obutala bwakendela coz I can't be doing the same things I did 10 years ago. At some point a person grows and prioritizes certain things..... clout doesn't look good on me as an international & successful business woman not a socialite who needs to be doing things for clout in the name mbu I trend.... priorities darlings!!!!" The last of her lengthy social media address read. 

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