Didmus Barasa
Image: The-Star

Kimilili MP Dismus Barasa has yielded to pressure from Gen Z and publicly apologized for voting in favor of the Finance Bill 2024.

In a gesture of contrition, he even gave away his shoes and a shirt to Gen Z members, seeking forgiveness for betraying their trust.

The gesture seemed to resonate positively as they cheered him on while walking alongside his car.

But who is he?

Early Life and Education

Dismus was born and raised in Bungoma County, Kenya.

He received his early education in local schools before pursuing Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the Kenya Polytechnic University College.

Military Career

Prior to entering politics, Barasa served as a military officer in the Kenya Defence Forces.

His military experience instilled in him strong leadership skills and discipline, which have shaped his political career.

Political Career

Barasa was elected as the Member of Parliament for Kimilili constituency under the United Democratic Alliance (UDA), led by President William Ruto.

He has focused on improving infrastructure, healthcare, and education in his constituency.

Controversies and Legal Issues

Legal Challenges: Barasa has faced several legal challenges, including charges related to altercations with a rival politician.

His legal battles have garnered significant attention but have since been resolved.

Political Disputes

His tenure has been marked by political disputes within his party and with opposition figures, often overshadowing his developmental efforts.


Dismus Barasa is married and has children, although specific details about his family remain private.