We've celebrated the bare minimum for too long- Anita Nderu shares

Anita reminded citizens that the government ought to work for them and not the other way round

Anita Nderu

Digital content creator, brand influencer and media personality Anita Nderu Raftery strongly feels the government has been celebrated for doing the bare minimum for far too long.

Sharing on her Instagram feed the form TV show host called upon her fellow citizens to not relent on the fight against bad governance and demanding for accountability from their leader.

The mother of one started off by conveying her message of love and condolences to all the families affected by the ongoing protests that started off with Kenyans calling for MP's to totally reject the proposed 2024 Financial Bill. 

"My heart is bleeding💔I am speechless and in disbelief 💔😢What we saw last week was unbelievable, the scenes that followed even more so! We shall not let our countrymen, women, and children's deaths be forgotten.

The senseless killing of our people and unnecessary use of force shall not be forgotten. To the families and loved ones of the Kenyan children we have lost, my condolences to each and every one of you. My family and I are praying for you❤️

To our comrades who are missing and to the ones who were missing and have returned home, we shall continue to amplify your messages✊🏾The government has completely misunderstood their role in society, and we shall not allow them to continue with their delusion," part of her lengthy call to action post read.

She went on to remind netizens that the government worked for its people and not the other way round.

"The government is supposed to serve the people. They have been celebrated for doing the bare minimum for waaaaaay too long! There are other bills that have been tabled that are ridiculous and immunity ridden that we shouldn't ignore either.

We shall not relent in our demand for better leadership! Resign, or we will impeach each and every one of you. Call us whatever you want, you will see what we think of you at the ballot 🗳@lsknairobi kindly educate us on how to go about impeachment with the current situation with IEBC?If you do not have an ID or voters card yet, please get them. Our voice is our vote.#RutomustGO."the last of her post read.

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