American artist SZA
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Multi-award-winning singer and songwriter Solana Imani Rowe popularly known as SZA has revealed that music was not her first love and she kind of stumbled upon it.

That is insane considering how incredibly vocally talented she is... she has Grammy and BET awards to prove that.

SZA made the revelation during an appearance on NBC Sports while hanging out with American Olympic title-holding gymnast Simone Arianne Biles while helping Simone prepare for the 2024 Olympics being held in Paris.


The 34-year-old 'Kill Bill' hitmaker, who was the first female artist to ever sign with Top Dawg Entertainment got candid over how she at first was set on pursuing a career in sports.

"When it was clear to me that I was not going to be a national gymnast... I was like, 'let me see what I can do' or 'let me see what else I'm good at.' And I needed something I could be competitive at," the contemporary RnB artist told 27-year-old Simone in between giggles.

Adding, "I was nowhere as cool as you," eliciting giggles and remarks of appreciation from Simone.

"So it was something like a hidden talent?" Simone Biles asked a little taken aback by the revelation. To which the American singer confirmed that was exactly the case.

The two went on to friendly compete in handstands and a few other gymnastic sets with Simone marveling at how good the singer really was.

SZA gave the Olympian her flowers stating she has always been a huge fan of her and everything she has accomplished.

"It has been my dream to talk to you. You are like my wildest dream! I have never seen anything like you... no one has," the Grammy Award-winning artist said during the fan girl moment.

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