Huddah urges Kenyans to tirelessly fast and pray for Ruto

The socialite argued that Bible tells people to pray for their leaders

Entrepreneur Hudaah Monroe
Image: Instagram

Controversial socialite and reality TV star turned business mogul Huddah Monroe has revealed that she is currently on a fast in a bid to try save our country Kenya from bad governance.

Sharing on her Instagram stories the CEO of Rich Skin reminded her fellow citizens of the importance of prayers and fasting as outlined in the Bible. Huddah beseeched netizens to join her in praying for President Ruto in hopes that the commander in chief may attain high stature like the leaders described in the Holy Book.

"The Bible tells us to pray for our leaders so please let us all pray for Ruto to acquire the wisdom of Solomon and be a great leader like King David for our great Nation of Kenya .Otherwise his leadership will face al ot of pressure," the former Big Brother contestant wrote in part. 

Speaking directly to the head of state she said; 

"You have a nation of fearless youth who have a lot to die for than to live for. Poverty has finished them. They've seen their parents go through the same. And they are ready to die or change the narrative,"

She went on to reveal she was currently on day 4 of her fast, quoting scriptures from the Bible to reinforce her message. Huddah also shared a message of condolences to the tens of families who'd lost their kin during the protests. 

"Fast day 4. God is faithful

Lord allow the souls of those who died to reach Heaven to be by your side forever. May all the souls of those who died during protests rest in peace. Grant them eternal peace and grant their families peace and ease

God wants to see you succeed and prosper so you can worship him better. Poverty brings misery, misery causes sin, Lack of money is the root of all evil," part of her online musings read. 

Finishing up the makeup mogul quoted Hosea 4:6 writing; 

"May God grant us al the wisdom to go through life following his laws, And liberate our minds from mental slavery,"

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