KRG the Don takes jabs at whoever leaked his number in hopes 'atasalimiwa'

KRG bragged he's a peoples person and everyone who called him got giddy with excitement when he picked up

KRG The Don

Controversial dancehall artist, business mogul and content creator KRG the Don is throwing jabs at his haters who leaked his personal phone number in the hopes that he'd be harassed by citizens.

The father of 3 came under fire a two weeks ago due to his strong support of the then proposed Finance Bill 2024 which a huge percentage of his countrymen were fighting to oppose due to the finance strain it would bring them.

Kenyans marched in the streets voicing their disproval in demonstrations that rocked the nation for 3 weeks straight, even after President William Ruto had declined to sign the bill after it was passed by Members of Parliament. 

Speaking to 2Mbili, KRG revealed he'd received messages and phone calls from the public in droves ever since his number was leaked online but contrary to popular belief he was not insulted

“Salamu zenyu nazo nimezipokea sana….na zilikua nzuri zingine…lakini mimi ni mtu wa watu, wote wenye walinipigia wakisikia ni Bughaa walikua wanafurahia kabisaa…tunapiga story hiyo mambo walikua wanasema aty nitukanwe hakuna mtu alinitukana if that’s what maybe people expected… I was just receiving many phone calls.," the artist said heartily, noting he's loved despite a few individuals trying to paint him in bad light. 

On why he was supporting the controversial bill amidst cries from the people and clearly knowing how punitive some of the tabled clauses were, the father of 3 argued he was looking at the bigger picture and the benefits the bill if passed would bring in the long run. 

“Mimi nilikua na support hii kwa sababu nilikua naona tutateseka for another year, but after that, tutakua tumelipa madeni mingi. KRG candidly said. 

He maintained he was opposed to the street protests because life is sacred and he cannot fathom anything worth losing your life for, even bad governance no matter how difficult the economic times were.

"Sikuona kulikua na haja ya kumwaga damu kwa sababu maisha ni kitu yenye huwezi recover hata na pesa ngapi.

Wachana na hawo walikua wanasema walikua tayari kukufa mimi siwezi peleka mtoto wa mtu akufie kitu yoyote kwa hii nchi wacha hata uongozi haikua imefika hiyo level ya watu kujipeleka kujitoa uhai hata kama maisha imekua ngumu aje.” 

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