Fayvanny with Rayvanny
Image: Instagram

Renowned Bongo Fleva singer Raymond Mwakyusa, popularly known as Rayvanny, celebrated his beautiful wife Fahyma while marking her birthday.

In a heartfelt message to his lover on Instagram, the Next Level Music label boss acknowledged the beauty of his son’s mother and appreciated her for choosing him over all other men.

Rayvanny noted that they had already gone through many challenges in their relationship but thanked Fahyma for continuing to stand by him.


“Your face and beauty could have gone to anyone, but you chose me. We have gone through a lot, but you are still by my side,” Rayvanny wrote.

The former WCB artist accompanied his message with a picture of his beautiful wife and continued to wish her a happy birthday.

“You are not just a Woman but a Mother!!! The mother of Chui @fahyvanny. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! Happy birthday, my life!!! Enjoy Your Day,” he wrote.


In response, Fahyma also confirmed her deep love for the singer and promised to continue loving him.

“I love you so much, my husband, and I will love you today, tomorrow, and forever,” she replied.

Fahyma, also known as Fayvanny, and her co-parent Rayvanny have been publicly displaying their deep affection for each other since rekindling their relationship early last year after initially separating nearly three years ago.

In April of last year, Rayvanny demonstrated his love for his co-parent by getting her name tattooed on his wrist.

“Fahyma...❤,” read the new tattoo of the singer.

The Next Level Music boss shared a video of himself getting the tattoo at a shop in Arusha, Tanzania, and made it clear that he took this step due to his great love for his co-parent.

He said that despite the pain, he felt compelled to do it because of Fahyma's significant impact on his life.

“It hurts a lot, but I did it for you, Fahvanny,” he said on his Instagram page.

He added, “You have been a special woman to me, and I respect you.”

He noted that if people understood his love for the model, they would understand his decision.

“Even if it were you, you would have done the same,” he said.