Dr Ofweneke with his wife.
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TV shot host and MC Dr. Ofweneke just introduced his wife to the world and the gorgeous financial analyst had quite a lot to share when it comes to relationships and finances.

According to Ofweneke's wife, pockets have to be lined in order for a relationship to cruise smoothly. 

Ofweneke who shares 2 kids with former lover, gospel artist Nicah the Queen took the leap of faith and decided to make his current relationship open to the public, finally unveiling his wife to all those who had no earlier knowledge of her.


The comedian did this during an episode of his 'Mr. Right' TV show that he co-hosts with content creator Diana Marua.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the lady who is our celebrity guest on the show tonight is of course an upcoming YouTuber.

She's also a financial analyst as well as a real estate expert. Let's appreciate Maryanne Baraza for the first time on the show. Allow me to introduce to you Mrs Ofweneke," the father of 3 excitedly said as his wife took the stage warmly embracing him and placing a kiss on his lips.


After a round of pleasantries, Maryanne shared her two cents on why she feels good finances are important when it comes to a relationship and should not be overlooked or downplayed.

"This is one thing I always say. The second leading problem in relationships is finances. Aside from a lack of chemistry, feeling disconnected, or other issues, finances remain a significant concern," started off the aspiring digital content creator. 

She went on to expound on what she meant with the above statement Ofweneke's wife said; 

"Once you have your chemistry and love in check, another important aspect is money. Everyone here is looking for a provider.

It doesn’t matter if he is short, tall, or an engineer, as long as he can bring something home and help build a family. At the end of the day, we need something in the pocket."

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