CS Ababu Namwamba
Image: Instagram

Youth and Sports CS Ababu Namwamba is under fire after he shared remarks highlighting why he strongly feels fashion is important and what really defines the term fashion.

In a viral video making rounds on social media, the politician was asked, "Waziri what is your take on fashion?"

Responding to the question the Sports and Culture CS said, "Fashion is me!"

As he let out a light chuckle, flexing his hands high in the air in triumph as he showed off his outfit.


Dressed in a white t-shirt, red and black college jacket with the Kenyan flag on the sides paired with black jeans and a big buckle belt the politician went on to add a few more details that he feels define the word in its entity.  


"Fashion defines who you are, fashion is a statement, it is an identity, it is culture..." the father of 3 candidly said.

Finishing up, Ababu Namwamba encouraged people to always take note of their fashion choices as the clothes they choose to wear greatly speak volumes about who they are and can be used to judge a person. 


"Be careful what you wear, it defines you... yes," the CS candidly said as he walked away. 


His remarks appear to have rubbed netizens off the wrong way with people attacking the CS for speaking so highly yet he has just unveiled what netiens have been terming as "very ugly and poorly tailored" ceremonial kits for the 2024 Olympics.

Below are a few comments from Instagram users reacting to the video.

Nahsuchah: And the team for Pris are all dressed in mediocrity

_Smumbi: Anguka nayo wewe

Gaddafi047: Nguo za Kenya za Olympic zinakaa koti za Gachagua

Nelly Sherrie: I wish those athletes can unite and not wear those ugly things

Simply Chelsea: with those things he is forcing on our athletes 

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