Rihanna Fenty
Image: Instagram

Multi-award-winning songstress turned makeup and beauty mogul Robyn Rihanna Fenty has clarified the stance behind her viral, 'I'm retired' shirt and if her fans should give up on ever getting an album from her.

"No, people did not read the other line!" The mother of two said heartly during an interview with American media posted on Entertainment Tonight's YouTube page. 

On what the other seemingly invisible line on her shirt said the 'Diamonds' hitmaker said;


"It was, 'this is as dressed up as I get,' people got so triggered with that retired word. They were like, 'we are never getting an album now!' It was just a t-shirt.

That was your segway... clearly, I am here clocked in," Riri said.

Speaking on her long-awaited album and if it was forthcoming soon, the Fenty Beauty founder eased her fans mind promising that she was in the studio working on things and very soon their almost decade long wait would be rewarded. 


"I have been working on the album for so long that I kinda just like put all that stuff aside. But, now I am prepared So I am going to start! So don't you all... you know," the mother of 2 said in between chuckles. 

Asked if she meant she would be discarding all her previous work and starting a fresh the billionaire business lady said most probably. Highlighting it is the only way she saw fit given the time period and how long the other songs have been sidelined.

"Yeah, I am starting over. But I do not want to fully neglect the songs that I have so I am going to go back and listen to stuff with new ears and then see what applies and what I am still in love with," the 'Umbrella' crooner candidly said. 

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