Nigrian multi-award winning songstress, Simi
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Nigerian songstress Simi is hitting hard at keyboard trolls who had attacked her for posting photos of herself in a one-piece swimming set. 

The artist had received backlash from a section of netizens who called her out for posting "revealing" photos and videos of herself despite being a married woman.

Addressing the backlash received, Simi posed a video of herself offering an "apology" to the individuals who felt offended by her post. 


"Guys I just came here feeling repentant... yesterday I went to the swimming pool, and I wore a swimsuit guys," the mother of one started off as she stifled fake tears and snuffles.

Her friend in the background could be heard jokingly telling her, "And I warned you. I told you,"

The artist and TV show host shaking her head went on to mockingly in a very dramatic way add.


"I was not thinking. Guys I did not know, honestly, I was not thinking... I should have known better; I did not know better! I am sorry.

I did not know I could not wear a swimming costume and swim as a married woman."

Finishing off the 'Duduke' hitmaker went on to promise the individuals judging her that she would not repeat the same mistake again as she had now understood it was disrespectful. 

"Next time I go to the swimming pool just as a sign of respect to my husband I will wear a kaftan. I will do better! Better than the best! I do not want to give you a reason to look down on me and my marriage!

I am sorry," the mother of one said in between more fake tears.

Simi is married to Nigerian artist Adekunle Gold. The two got married in a secret invite-only beach wedding back in 2019 and welcomed their daughter Adejare (Deja) into the world in 2020.

The public did not get a glimpse of their child until May 2021 when Simi posted the beautiful pictures to her Instagram.

The couple has been relationship goals, juggling between their personal careers and love life in such beautiful way that even songstress Tiwa Savage could not stop gushing over them and their years together.  

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