Digital content creator Lynne Njiha

Digital content creator and commercial model Lynne Njiha is counting losses as her car's side mirror was stolen yet again.

Lynne's first incident with the notorious car parts thieves occurred just 3 months ago.

She termed the incident as, "the fastest robbery I have ever witnessed," as she shared her shock and confusion. 

Sadly, fate has dealt her the same awful card again.


Taking to her Instagram stories the mother of one shared a video of her driving in the rain with her driver side, side mirror missing.

Captioning the video she wrote, "wamenikaribisha Nairobi," accompanied with several crying emojis. 

Lynne went on to express her frustrations with the government for what she terms as their failure to protect motorists by setting up stringent security systems that would help curb the daylight robbery. 

She argued it was unfair seeing so much energy and resources being poured into dealing with peaceful demonstrators who did not require brute force while there were such incidents happening in the city. 


"Wueh! This is the 2nd time my side mirrors have been stolen in less than 4 months which really makes me wonder... Why can't the government use the same energy to deploy better security systems on our roads, the way they deployed KDF soldiers and thousands of police on innocent Kenyans a few weeks ago to the point of killing them??!!!


Ama security is for top government officials only?! " Eric Omondi's baby mama furiously wrote on her stories as she counted her losses. 

Finishing on the topic, the young mother advised fellow motorists if possible to avoid the route she had been using during rush hour as that is where she had been robbed both times.

"Anyway... avoid Waiyaki Way during rush hour!" The brand influencer wrote as she added a sad emoji, still not over her loss. 

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