Shawry for Agwambo, Anini Barasa

Shawry for Agwambo, Anini Barasa has expressed her disappointment with her 'father' after the former prime minister Raila Odinga announced he was open to engaging in dialogue with president William Ruto.

Yesterday, the ODM Party leader alongside Ruto and a few other key veteran politicians from both the opposition and the ruling party held a press brief at the KICC, shortly after the President had signed the IEBC Bill 2024 into law.

The group also had a photo op session seemingly pleased with their meeting and decision to hold talks.


However, their decision was received with fire and fury with the Gen Z maintaining they have no leader and apparently no room for dialogue at this juncture. 

Among those who expressed their fury is TikToker Anini, who went viral for asking Raila not to join the youth in the streets during the heated Reject Finance Bill 2024 protests.

Posting on her page, Ms Barasa shared a video where she questioned her idol reminding Raila that he has been having talks with the opposition for years on end with the same outcome every time.


"Agwambo, what are we bonging with them? What are we bonging? Like on a serious note. What are we bonging with them. You've been bonging, and you know how they end! Kenyans are not ready for that again. tunasonga, it is 2024 bana," the teenager dramatically said. 

She went on to maintain that the movement had no leader and the president already knew what they wanted hence why they have been rejecting calls for dialogue and demanding immediate action.

"Sisi tumesema... as Kenyans hakuna leader! Hakuna mambo ya dialogue coz we are been doing this. They know what we want.

We have aired our issues for 4 weeks out jameni  Also we've had issues, for years like from our ancestors, tafadhali, let's not bong instead let's see implementation," the TikToker said in a matter of fact tone. 

Taking to her Instagram bio, Anini edited it to read, "Agwambo's (akiachana na dialogue) last born,"

The multi-sectoral national dialogue conference is scheduled for July 15-20, 2024.

The six-day conference, spearheaded by President William Ruto and Azimio leader Raila Odinga, aims to address Kenya’s ongoing crisis.

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